Buy the Best Water Heaters for this Winter

Buy the Best Water Heaters for this Winter

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The temperature has started to drop, and with it, the urge to shower under cold water. With winter knocking on the door, the demand for certain home and lifestyle items is steadily going up. A water heater is one such item that a lot of people want to buy to have a nice, warm bath.

Are you one of those people who tend to go a week without taking a shower during the winter months? Instead of relying on deodorants, get a water heater now from Piara Bazar, Bangladesh.

How Does a Water Heater Work?

The function of a water heater is pretty basic. The appliance powers up via electricity, and the current passes through an electrical-resistant heating element that is inside the heater. The heating element is placed inside the tank of the water heater. There are water pipes inside the heater; one passes cold water, and another passes hot water. A thermostat helps regulate the temperature of the water so users can adjust the water temperature they prefer.

A water heater is essential in providing hot water in the bathroom, kitchen, or sinks. It is difficult to go through your morning routine on a winter morning when the water is freezing as you go to wash your face. Taking a shower seems more difficult than running a marathon. So it is crucial to install a water heater as soon as the temperature starts to drop.

Types of Water Heaters

There are two general categories when it comes to water heaters. You can classify water heaters based on their functions. These two categories are – (i) Storage Water Heaters and (ii) Instant Water Heaters.

Storage Water Heater

A storage water heater is what you would assume from the name. This type of water heater has a large tank where the water is stored after you turn the heater on. You need a large amount of wall space to mount a storage water heater.

Consumers have to wait a while for the water to heat up and store in the tank before they can use it. Such appliances are best suited for large bathrooms or when you want to take a bath. The upside to this type of water heater is that consumers do not have to worry about the hot water running out or turning cold in the middle of their shower. The water tank stores a good amount of hot water in the short period of time you wait around for. The tank capacity for such appliances can range from 1 to up to 100 liters.

Instant Water Heater

Instant water heaters are also known as tankless water heaters. This type of water heater does not have a storage tank (or even if it does, it cannot store much water) since it works instantly. Instant water heaters are more energy efficient since they do not heat up huge quantities of water that you would end up not using.

Instead, the heater heats up the water as it passes through the pipe and delivers instant hot water. But since it heats up water so quickly, it requires a lot of energy. There is a very small tank with a heater or sometimes no tank at all. That is why instant heaters are sometimes referred to as tankless water heaters.

Because of the compact size, this type of water heater is best suited for small bathrooms or kitchens.

How to Choose a Water Heater?

The first thing you need to decide before looking for a water heater to buy is to understand what type of water heater you need. We already mentioned the two types of water heaters you would surely come across – storage water heaters and instant water heaters.

Water is heated as it flows through a series of coils when you are using an instant water heater. Instant water heaters are sometimes known as tankless water heaters. A tankless water heater is often more energy efficient than a standard storage-tank water heater since it does not need to keep so much water heated in the storage tank.

Who should pick an instant water heater?

Instant water heaters often have small tanks since there is no need to store water beforehand. It is more compact because of the small tank. But the heater does heat up water very fast, so it uses a lot of energy. You might have to wait around for the water to heat up as you take a bath or a shower since the heater can only pass through a small amount of water at a time.

So consumers have to wait as the water heats up while they use it. And if there is load-shedding as you are taking a shower, you might have to wait for the power to come back since the heater will not heat up any water without power. If you have a small bathroom or need a water heater for the kitchen, then it would be better to go for an instant water heater. It is quick, efficient, and space-saving.

Who should pick a storage water heater?

On the other hand, traditional storage water heaters take up a lot of space upon installation. But you can take a bath knowing that the hot water will not run out anytime soon. Storage water heater models include electric, gas, and liquid propane ones.

If you have enough space in the bathroom, then it is better to go for a storage heater. Even if the electricity goes out when you are in the shower, you will get hot water since it is already in the tank.

Final Words

Say goodbye to shivering limbs and chattering teeth! Find your perfect water heater in Piara Bazar Bangladesh and take a warm shower or bath even when it’s freezing outside. When you have such a wide array of products at your disposal, there is no need to compromise your hygiene. Install your preferred water heater from Piara Bazar today!

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